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ASWEC is a joint conference of Engineers Australia and the Australian Computer Society reporting through the Engineers Australia/ACS Joint Board on Software Engineering.

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Guidelines for Authors of Industry Papers

This document contains guidelines for authors submitting industry papers to be presented at ASWEC 2009.

How to submit?

  1. Read all of the guidelines in this document prior to writing and submitting your paper.
  2. Ensure your paper meets all the requirements for industry paper submissions specified in this document.
  3. Submit the paper through the web-based industry paper submission system.

Papers must be submitted electronically through the web-based submission system at:

An industry paper template is available for download to assist with paper preparation and formatting.

The deadline for submission is midnight 12 December 2008 AEST. This deadline is hard and non-negotiable.

What is required?

A good extended abstract (2 pages) or full paper (maximum 10 pages) provides a high-level summary of what will be presented in the presentation; it presents an overview of the experiences encountered on a software project or ongoing operations and any lessons learned.

Submission Criteria

Industry Papers must conform, at the time of submission, to the submission criteria described below.

  • All submission must be in English
  • Submissions must be in PDF or zipped PDF format. You can convert documents to PDF format online at http://freepdfconvert.com or on your local system by downloading and installing software from http://www.pdfforge.org/products/pdfcreator
  • An abstract is provided appropriately:
    • Approximately 250 words
    • Clear indication of what the presentation will cover (versus just motherhood, philosophy, or a statement of the problem)
  • Content is provided appropriately:
    • Extended abstract: 2 pages when combined with title and small abstract.
    • Full paper: between 8 to 10 pages (maximum)

Note that the paper submission system requires additional information such as author details and keywords.

Author Agreement

By submitting papers to the conference, authors agree to the following:

  • The presentation will not be a marketing pitch
  • The presenter is aware of and commits to meet all Conference deadlines
  • The presenter understands that if the presenter does not meet all Conference deadlines, the Industry PC Chairpersons may remove the presentation from the Conference program
  • The material to be presented and published will meet all legal, copyright, and security requirement.
  • The material may be posted to the ASWEC Conference website after the Conference, and will accessible to "everybody"
  • The presenter intends to register for, pay for, and attend the Conference, and to make the presentation

It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that submissions comply with the submission criteria and author agreement above.

Submissions that do not comply with the guidelines specified above will be rejected without review. However, if time permits, the author may be allowed to re-submit a modified paper.

How will industry papers be reviewed and evaluated?

Each submission will be reviewed by at least two (2) members of the Industry Program Committee. The Conference Program Committee as a whole will make final decisions about which submissions to accept for presentation at the conference. Submissions will be evaluated based on a number of criteria, including and not limited to the following criteria:

  • Clarity and completeness
  • Organisation of paper
  • Relationship to the discipline of software engineering, and
  • Likely contribution to others' understanding of software engineering techniques

What is required if the industry paper is accepted?

If the paper is accepted, submission of a camera-ready final document will be required by the date specified for final camera-ready industry reports.

More details about the format for this final document will be provided if your paper is accepted.

As mentioned above, at least one author of the paper is required to register, attend, and present the paper at the ASWEC 2009 Conference.